Our Apples

The apple is the original fruit. We believe that its benefits go beyond its most immediate incarnation, the raw apple. So we use all our skills and imagination to preserve the apple in all its glories so that you can enjoy it conveniently – all year round.

To get the best juice from an apple it should be left to ripen naturally on the tree. That’s why we only harvest our apples once they are ready, so they are brimming with flavour.

At harvest time we pick the finest fruit and then press it immediately, artfully combining different varieties to create beautifully-balanced blends. The result is 100% natural, cloudy apple juice bursting with healthy goodness.

We make our juice with  Cox’s Orange PippinBramleyJonagoldGalaGolden Delicious and Braeburn.

Every carton of Cawston Press has 10 whole apples pressed into it.

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Humans have been enjoying apples since 6500BC

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