The Braeburn is a first-class dessert apple and has a richness and complexity of flavour that varieties like Granny Smith and Red Delicious just can’t match.

It is juicy and crisp, without being too hard. It has a clean snap when you bite into it, which is closely followed by the strong rush of apple flavours. Its flavour profile is sharp and refreshing whilst being perfectly balanced by a delicious sweetness that is never too sugary. Some people detect a hint of pear-drops especially in new-season Braeburn.

Braeburns are believed to be a cross between the Lady Hamilton and Granny Smith varieties. They are the perfect mix between old and new, with a flavour that’s on par with older varieties whilst having the ability to naturally produce heavy crops. Originally from New Zealand, they can now be found in Northern Europe and England.

Braeburn is at its best when cooled slightly below room temperature, and if you get a good one it really does remind you why you like eating apples.

Braeburn is arguably at its best soon after picking. From time to time you see premium tree-ripened Braeburn in your supermarket and these are well worth paying the extra for.

At Cawston Press we let our Braeburn ripen naturally on the tree before pressing them the same day.

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