Bramleys are known for their bite!

In food, flavour for the most part is defined by the level of sweetness and sharpness that is found. In apples this is characterised by the balance between sugar and malic acid.

Dessert apples, or ‘eating’ apples, have lower levels of malic acid and a higher sugar content, giving them the sweet flavour that makes them delicious to eat.

Bramley apples, however, are unique in the apple world because they contain more malic acid and lower sugar levels giving them a stronger almost tart flavour.

Bramley has become the definitive English cooking apple. Its higher malic acid content means it keeps its flavour when cooked, unlike many other apples. Bramleys also contain more water than other varieties, so when you cook them they disintegrate into a puree, giving them a melt in the mouth texture. Perfect for apple sauce and pies!

It’s the bite in the Bramley that we love, blended with the flavoursome Cox Orange Pippin and some sweeter varieties it makes a great addition to an apple juice.

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