Cox Orange Pippin

This is the quintessentially English apple, widely considered the finest of all dessert apples. Cox’s Orange Pippin is the apple lover’s apple. It is the benchmark against which all other apples are measured.

No other apple has the same deep richness and complexity of flavour. Cox’s Orange Pippin is intensely aromatic with a unique blend of subtle flavours – melon, pear, freshly-squeezed orange juice and mango are all perceptible.

In a world of reds and greens its flushed, orange skin sets it apart and gives it a slightly nostalgic appeal as an apple of yesteryear. The term “orange” in the context of apple varieties commonly refers to an apple with an orange hue. Kidd’s Orange Red, Ellison’s Orange and Tydemann’s Late Orange are all related to the Cox.

With fruit now grown to look good, Cox’s Orange Pippin is not as popular as its supermarket competitors. We find it is best eaten or pressed fresh from the tree or at the very least within a few weeks as it tends not to store as well as other varieties.

It is not an easy apple to grow, as it likes a warm, dry climate but it seems to like England and as a result Cox’s that are grown abroad don’t seem to have the same depth of flavour.

We use English Cox’s Orange Pippin in our apple juice for its deep, rich, full flavour – the perfect accompaniment to sweeter, lighter apples.

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