Golden Delicious

The best way to describe Golden Delicious is as a nice, sweet, crisp apple. The Golden Delicious has a rather poor reputation amongst apple lovers, but is actually surprisingly good when eaten straight from the tree.

Remember having them in your lunchbox as a child? Now that we have such a huge choice of apples to choose from this gets left on the shelf for the more fashionable varieties.

We shouldn’t underplay its importance in apple history, especially in the 20th century when it was incredibly successful not only in its own right but also as breeding stock for so many varieties.

But it was popular for a reason – when picked from the tree the fruit is remarkably sweet, almost like eating raw sugar cane. The Golden Delicious also has a very attractive appearance – which can indeed be golden if they are left to mature on the tree.

We love it for its sweetness and with a little bite from Bramley and deep flavour from Cox Orange Pippin it helps us make the perfect blend.

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