At Cawston Press we love coming up with new ways to use our juice. It is such a versatile ingredient and can be used in a number of sweet and savoury dishes. It also makes a great, natural sweetener in place of sugar, whilst adding a little of its own delicious, delicate flavour.

We’d love to hear your tips and recipes using Cawston Press juices. Send us your favourite recipes here and the best ones will be added to our recipe page. If yours does appear you’ll be rewarded with lots of Cawston Press apple juices.

Merry Berry Blend

Create a wonderfully tasty juice full of berry goodness.
go to Merry Berry Blend recipe

Perfect Pink Lemonade

Make your day rosy with this simple recipe using our Apple Lemonade
go to Pink Lemonade recipe

The Glorious

Celebrate summer with a quintessentially English cocktail recipe
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Add I Little Sparkle

Add some sparkle with a deliciously simple recipe.
go to The Cawston Sparkler recipe

Apple Juice Lollies

Freeze your favourite Cawston Press juice for chilled lickable refreshment
go to Apple Juice Ice Lollies recipe

Happy Juice Blend

A juice to make you smile
go to Happy Juice Blend recipe

Apple Pie Cocktail

Apple, ginger and a little vodka makes a delicious Apple Pie Cocktail
go to Apple Pie Cocktail recipe

Overnight Apple Juice Porridge

PorridgeA warming, healthy breakfast for when there’s a chill in the air.
go to Overnight Dairy-Free Porridge recipe

Stewed Plums

Stewed PlumsA delicious recipe for stewed plums
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